SRA Fast Chip Kit for SMD Removal - 2cc Flux 820mm Alloy

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SRA Fast Chip Kit for SMD Removal - 2cc Flux 820mm Alloy
  • The Fast Chip SMD Removal Kit is a quick and inexpensive way to remove SMD components from a PCB without a hot air station using only your soldering iron.
  • Removes QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's, and chip components under 149 degreesC (300 degreesF)
  • Kit Contents :
  • 823mm (2.7') Fast Chip Removal Alloy - enough to remove 8-10 SMD's
  • 1 2cc tube of SRA TF5000 No Clean Rework Paste Flux
  • Complete Instructions for SMD Removal and Cleanup
  • Made in the USA

The heart of the kit is a length of Fast Chip low-temperature Removal alloy. This alloy is like a solder that melts at temperatures well below that of normal solder (57.7°C / 136°F) and stays liquid long enough to melt the existing solder, allowing you time to carefully remove the component.

Simply apply a liberal amount of the included flux to the pins of the chip that you want to remove, then use a soldering iron with a flat-edge tip to heat the pins while applying the low-temperature alloy. The alloy will remain liquid for a few seconds while you coat all of the connections, once you've coated the pins you should be able to lift the chip free using tweezers or a hemostat. Clean the pads thoroughly and apply fresh solder and you're ready to solder a new part in place.
SRA Soldering products have made a name for themselves in America for being affordable, quality products that are all made in the USA.

Currently being phased out and restricted to professional users. If you cannot provide a VAT number or business registration number, this order will be cancelled. Please contact us should you require any information.

For the lead-free alternative, please paste the following part number into the search bar: SC-SRA-FC-SMD-KIT-LF

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