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Solders & Fluxes

We have lots of Solders and Fluxes that can make soldering more easier and cleaner

Solders & Fluxes

  1. Part No:SI-KIT-11
    £15.01 ( £12.51 Ex. VAT)

    A Set of 4 Refillable Flux Pens with Different Size Tips - Fine, Medium, Large, and Broad style tips
  2. Part No:SC-BC-FC-CC
    £15.00 ( £12.50 Ex. VAT)

    Celebration Circuit flashing card set includes 3 cards and all the equipment to make a basic circuit.
  3. Part No:SC-BC-EP-1L
    £256.96 ( £214.13 Ex. VAT)

    Bare Conductive Electric Paint 1L Pot - Electric Paint is an electrically conductive paint that makes it possible to draw a circuit, cold solder a component or turn any surface into a sensor
  4. Part No:SC-SRA-FC-AL-4.5-LF
    £17.41 ( £14.51 Ex. VAT)

    8 pieces of Fast Chip Removal Alloy for SMD Rework - 4.5ft. Lead-Free
  5. Part No:SC-BC-FC-MR
    £15.00 ( £12.50 Ex. VAT)

    Merry Resistivities flashing card set includes 3 cards and all the equipment to make a basic circuit.
  6. Part No:SC-BC-PC
    £41.58 ( £34.65 Ex. VAT)

    Add precise capacitive touch, distance sensing and high quality audio to your Raspberry Pi
  7. Part No:SC-SRA-WB-CAN-5050-125
    £22.38 ( £18.65 Ex. VAT)

    Stained Glass artists need a very specific mix of alloys in their solder to get a smooth and clean bead on their work.
  8. Part No:SC-SRA-TT-21G-LF
    £8.65 ( £7.21 Ex. VAT)

    Used to repair oxidised soldering tips for optimal performance and for extending the working life of new soldering tips.
  9. Part No:SC-SO-AU-6337-100-22
    £5.32 ( £4.43 Ex. VAT)

    Autosol RA Solder reel 100g 22SWG - Sn63/Pb37, 2% flux
  10. Part No:SC-BC-TB
    £70.34 ( £58.62 Ex. VAT)

    The Touch Board is a powerful prototyping tool which combines Arduino compatibility with robust capacitive touch, distance sensing, an MP3 Player, MIDI functionality and a LiPo battery charger.
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