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Soldering Irons

We have a huge selection of Soldering Irons to choose from. Our products range from basic equipment to complete work stations.

Soldering Irons

  1. Part No:SI-KIT-02
    £80.00 ( £66.67 Ex. VAT)

    This kit is ideal for all kinds of soldering needs with a 60W digital soldering station supplied with a Warton solder reel, and a precision Japanese made solder sucker.
  2. Part No:SI-2663B
    £11.23 ( £9.36 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue Universal Soldering Iron Holder/ Stand 2663B with Tip Stand
  3. Part No:SI-2900-HAND
    £17.71 ( £14.76 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement Soldering Iron Handle and Cable
  4. Part No:SI-T004
    £30.14 ( £25.12 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue T004 Retrofit Soldering Iron Tweezers for 968A+ and 701A++ Work Stations
  5. Part No:SI-B1002A
    £34.94 ( £29.12 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue B1002A Replacement Desoldering Gun and Cable For 474, 474A+ and 701A+ Desoldering Station
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