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SMD Rework Stations

Our Range of SMD Rework Stations are equipped with some of the most advanced tech you can find on any rework station.

SMD Rework Stations

  1. Part No:SI-850A
    £77.38 ( £64.48 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 850A+ Rework Station with Variable Heat & Air Control, Selection of Nozzles & IC Removal Tool.
  2. Part No:SI-852A
    £93.80 ( £78.17 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 852A+ Rework Station with Touch Type Button Variable Heat & Air Control, Selection of Nozzles & Vacuum Suction Pen. This product supersedes SI-857A.
  3. Part No:SI-950
    £52.12 ( £43.43 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 950 SMD Hot Tweezer and Station with variable temperature setting and quick change Tweezer Iron Tips. For easy removal of small SMD components.
  4. Part No:SC-SS-02
    £17.20 ( £14.33 Ex. VAT)

    Precision Japanese Solder Sucker with Silicone Nozzle
  5. Part No:SC-SS-02-TU
    £2.87 ( £2.39 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement Silicone Nozzles for SS-02 Solder Sucker - 2 x 50mm tubes
  6. Part No:SC-SS-3500-TUR
    £9.00 ( £7.50 Ex. VAT)

    European Made Solder Sucker - "Turbo" Pump
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