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Reflow / Rework Ovens

Our range of programmable Reflow Ovens are perfect for Reflow Soldering for surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards

Reflow / Rework Ovens

  1. Part No:SI-893
    Ex VAT £148.25 Inc VAT £177.90
    Aoyue 500W Digital Hot Plate System
  2. Part No:SI-SP3500
    Ex VAT £141.67 Inc VAT £170.00
    Aoyue SP3500 Hot Plate System with Integrated Fume Extraction. Suitable for Lead Free Applications
  3. Part No:SI-AT-R3028
    Ex VAT £371.61 Inc VAT £445.93
    Atten AT-R3028 Reflow Oven Tray size 305 x 320mm 1650W
  4. Part No:SI-AT-R1825
    Ex VAT £232.28 Inc VAT £278.74
    Atten AT-R1825 Reflow Oven Tray size 220 x 280mm 600W
  5. Part No:SI-AT-R1816
    Ex VAT £196.13 Inc VAT £235.36
    Atten AT-R1816 Reflow Oven Tray size 180 x 120mm 600W
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