Making sure soldiers’ guns are thoroughly cleaned is important to avoid any rust or a reduction in the gun's performance. Scrubbing their guns with equipment such as oil and brushes are now a thing of the past, and now set to be replaced by ‘deep cleaning’ machines such as Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Soon, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks may be kept on patrol bases so that soldiers won't have to rely on good old fashioned elbow grease when cleaning the dirt off their artillery. Trials are taking place on selected rifles and machine guns, with the Ultrasonic Cleaners possibly being rolled out to 5 regiments if they prove to be a success.

Sgt Daniel Birks, who will be overseeing the trial, mentioned that this system would give the soldiers more time to focus on the more important aspects of their job and will help them focus more on training, as well as carrying less kit from place to place. “The Armed Forces still clean with oil and metallic brushes, but manufacturers tell us they don’t do it this way anymore. We scrub everything to death, but this can do more damage to the systems – not to mention taking up time that could be better-spent training. We spend hundreds of thousands of refurbishing damaged weapons each year and most of that is down to poor cleaning techniques. Everyone hates cleaning weapons, so why not make things easier?”

(Credit: Daily Telegraph)