A customer has reviewed our SRA Fast Chip Kit for SMD Removal - 2cc Flux 820mm Alloy - Lead-Free.

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"Following your recommendation to try your SRA Fast Chip Kit I thought I would let you know how I got on with it, in a word 'BRILLIANT'!! 

Definitely going to buy more!  I needed to remove a 38pin ESP 32 module which is basically a PCB with castellated sides. There are other components under its metal can, and excessive heat will wreck the module. The way the stuff works is it mix's with the existing solder to form a mixture that will stay liquid for some time ( 20 + secs). Although the solder melts at 58 deg you need a much hotter iron to enable it to stay liquid for some time, I used around 300 deg as the pads are quite big. You would need to turn that down for really fine pitch chips. You need to be VERY generous with the flux, and the solder getting it to bridge to its neighbouring pins and form blobs, the bigger the blob the better. Just running our iron around the blobs, they soon all become liquid and you can easily remove the chip with a vac pickup or a bit of blue tac!

So my verdict is, for SMT devices brilliant, you could get at least 4-5 largish chips off out of a SC-SRA-FC-SMD-KIT-LF kit. As expensive as it may appear if you aren't doing it every day it's much cheaper and safer than using a hot air gun.

Every engineer/ hobbyist who occasionally needs to remove an SMD component should definitely have a pack in their toolbox, if you are doing it every day then get the bigger packs.

Definitely going to buy some more!!!!"


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