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  1. October 17, 2021

    Expanding our site and investing in new roofing

    An exciting new investment for The Allendale Group - with an expansion of 11K square feet for our site and further improvements with a new roof.

    Our business has continued to grow in many ways over the years and we are thrilled about this latest development.

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  2. April 30, 2021

    Apple Pay now available at checkout

    Apple Pay is now an optional payment method on all of our sites.


    If you have an Apple device, you can checkout using this fast and convenient payment option when using the Safari browser.


    Save time entering payment information and addresses using this secure method.


    For more information on Apple Pay, please click here.

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  3. April 19, 2021

    The Allendale Group reached its 18th Birthday on Friday!

    We are proud to announce that our team has supplied products to loyal customers for the last 18 years.
    Our customer base has grown beyond our expectations since 2003, and so has our business.
    We now have 12 separate e-commerce stores that deliver to customers in over 165 countries and our own manufacturing and distribution facility in China.
    Thank you to our customers for your continued support, and of course to our amazing staff who have kept working hard throughout this last year.
    Many more exciting plans to come!
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  4. March 17, 2021

    Customer review of our SRA Fast Chip Kit for SMD Removal

    A customer has reviewed our SRA Fast Chip Kit for SMD Removal - 2cc Flux 820mm Alloy - Lead-Free.

    See what he had to say below,


    "Following your recommendation to try your SRA Fast Chip Kit I thought I would let you know how I got on with it, in a word 'BRILLIANT'!! 

    Definitely going to buy more!  I needed to remove a 38pin ESP 32 module which is basically a PCB with castellated sides. There are other components under its metal can, and excessive heat will wreck the module. The way the stuff works is it mix's with the existing solder to form a mixture that will stay liquid for some time ( 20 + secs). Although the solder melts at 58 deg you need a much hotter iron to enable it to stay liquid for some time, I used around 300 deg as the pads are quite big. You would need to turn that down for really fine pitch chips. You need to be VERY generous with the flux, and the solder getting it to bridge to its

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  5. February 22, 2021

    Customer Question: Which flux is best for me?

    Read our PCB engineers reply to a customer's query below.

    Q: Looking to buy some flux from your company, if you could advise which flux is best for me. I am currently repairing pcb electronics, vehicle electrical parts like instrument clusters. The flux I currently use works well but if you revisit the pub after 1 or 2 months there's green residue over the area flux was used. It's eating away at the small resistors and is self damaging over time. Can you advise why this is happening and a suitable product from your shop that guarantees safe working with pcb electronics without the flux turning into green corrosive residue Iver to.e

    A: Fluxes by their nature can be chemically aggressive which helps to remove oxidisation from metals which allows the solder to “Wet” the surface. It may be that the current flux being used is of the type which is recommended to be removed by chemically washing or ultrasonic cleaning. This is fine to use to achieve a good solder joint but

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  6. December 18, 2020

    ROC Cases F3 Car at Silverstone Experience

    F3 car sponsored by our ROC Cases currently at the Silverstone Experience.

    The Silverstone Experience features hands-on displays and fascinating car and racing memorabilia from over 70 years.

    We have been sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton’s F3 Cup team and Formula Student Car for the past year and are proud to see it displayed at Silverstone. Our ROC Cases logo can be seen on the wings of the car, in full view at race days and now at the Silverstone Experience.

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  7. December 09, 2020

    Delays at Shipping Ports

    As you may be aware following recent news headlines, there are currently serious issues at UK shipping ports due to COVID-19 and Brexit stockpiling.

    This is affecting our stock flow and despite our best efforts, pre orders, special order and back order items are seeing some delays.

    This can affect any item, including those coming from our UK suppliers, where their manufacturing is based outside of the UK

    We are doing our best to keep our customers updated, however the situation is ever changing and we are given little notice of changes.

    We will email you upon despatch on your order.

    Please note, this only affects items which are out of stock at time of purchase.

    Stocked items are shipped same working day for orders received prior to 3pm.

    We thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

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  8. October 28, 2020

    Allendale joins 'Love Hoddesdon'

    Helping to improve our local area and work together with local businesses”

    We are pleased to announce that we have joined the “Love Hoddesdon” team. They raise around £100k a year from 200 businesses in the town to fund work to help local businesses prosper and attract more shoppers & visitors to the town and we cannot wait to get more involved!

    Allendale was founded in Hoddesdon and has been our headquarters home since 2003. Recently awarded with ‘Business of the Year – East Herts’ at the Herts Chamber event 2019, our company is thriving, with our own manufacturing and distribution facilities in the USA and China.

    Read more about ‘Love Hoddesdon’ and what they do here -

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  9. October 09, 2020

    Allendale Pub Style Quiz

    Another fabulous round of our Allendale Pub Style quiz!

    Thank you to Jo for organising another fun quiz for all our team.

    Made up of 8 rounds, we had some competition on the Girl Power and It’s Raining Men rounds, and some very confused faces at the Intros of songs in the Music round. We also had an Animal, Food & Drink, General Knowledge, Logos and Mystery round, giving everyone their chance to shine!

    It was lovely to see some old faces and get all of our colleagues together for a night of laughs and rivalry – even if it was through our screens.

    Ryan managed to score the most points this week; the rest of us better start practising as he’s the one to beat for our next Quiz!

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  10. October 01, 2020

    Business or the Year - East Herts

    Throwback Thursday – Looking back at our Business of the Year – East Herts first place award at the Herts Chamber event last year!

    We are also very proud for reaching 7 final awards and for our runners up titles for Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year and Business of the Year – Small to Medium.

    The Judges commended our team for our “innovative and responsible approach” to customers and “strong growth” in our “impressive business.

    Another huge thank you to everyone in our team for their hard work!

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