Gift Ideas

Whether it's for birthdays, father's day, Christmas, you name it. We've got something for every occasion. Here are some of our favourites

Gift Ideas

  1. Part No:SI-929-BLUE
    £17.30 ( £14.42 Ex. VAT)

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    Adjustable Desktop Magnifying Lamp, for Home, Office or Work Bench...
  2. Part No:SI-486
    £20.38 ( £16.98 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 486 Desktop Fume Extractor Unit for reducing toxic fumes and gases during soldering.
  3. Part No:SI-932
    £34.38 ( £28.65 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 932 Vacuum pick up station, for picking and placing SMD packages.
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