5 litre of Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - ULTRA+ US-SO-ULT-5L
5 litre of Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - ULTRA+ US-SO-ULT-5L 10 minute cycle of a door hinge. Temperature 50 degrees US-SO-ULT-5L The Ultra plus fluid is a great general purpose solution for cleaning grime dirt grease and more. US-SO-ULT-5L

General Purpose Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - 5 Litre Cleaning Fluid

Part No:US-SO-ULT-5L
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A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean assist the ultrasonic cleaning process, ideal for use on a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, glass, and more.
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  • A concentrated, non hazardous, low alkaline cleaner, formulated in the UK to improve the cleaning process of ultrasonic cleaners
  • Designed to remove oils, greases, dust and dirt contamination from mixed metals, plastics, rubber, ceramic and glass components
  • Concentrate is added to water at a ratio 1 part concentrate, to between 5 and 20 parts water dependant on cleaning action required (We recommend using deionised / demineralised water).
  • Operating temperature of bath should be set between 40 - 70 degrees centigrade
  • Always test before use on new applications
  • After cleaning rinse all surfaces thoroughly with clean water. The bath should be changed regularly when the solution becomes dirty
  • Deep clean - Ideal for stain removal and removing dirt and oxidation
  • Safe to use on many materials, although please test or contact us before use
  • Designed for industrial professional use and hobbyist use - see other listings US-SO-ULT-1L

Allendale Ultrasonics strive to provide specialist and affordable ultrasonic Cleaner equipment, our ultrasonic Cleaner tanks and cleaning fluids can be used for many applications. Applications include mechanics, engineering workshops, machinists, factories, hospitals, dental practices, surgeries, general practices (GPs), doctors, veterinarian, vets, laboratories, marine work, tattoo studios, body piercing parlors, labs, universities, soldering, gardeners, tree surgeons, jewellers, watch repair, acupuncture, hairdressers, kitchens, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, hobbyists, industrial, printers, coin collectors, and more.

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SKU 5055396118322
Weight (Grams) 5685
Part Number US-SO-ULT-5L
Brand Allendale Ultrasonics
Product Type Cleaning Solutions
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