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Miscellaneous Tools

We sell a variety of Miscellaneous Tools ranging from engineering calculators, laser distance measures, handbooks and more.

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Part No:EN-AC-FC-B044
    Ex VAT £25.50 Inc VAT £30.60
    Silver Toolbox Flight Case with Tool Tray and Internal Dividers 460 x 360 x 160mm - ideal for carrying less fragile tools that do not require foam protection and smaller tools such as drill bits
  2. Part No:HT-MF-KIT-37PC
    Ex VAT £20.83 Inc VAT £25.00
    37 Piece Multi-Tool Attachment Set - Including sander, saw blades, grout removal blades, scraper, and polishing pad. Ideal for tradesmen, electricians, builders, roofers, carpenters, joiners, kitchen fitters, handyman services, hobbyists, DIY and more!
  3. Part No:SI-326
    Ex VAT £9.87 Inc VAT £11.84
    Aoyue 326 Versatile PCB Working Platform.
  4. Part No:SI-20572
    Ex VAT £3.91 Inc VAT £4.69
    Aoyue Replacement Magnetic PCB Holders - Ideal for the 326 PCB Working Platform
  5. Part No:SI-328
    Ex VAT £12.72 Inc VAT £15.26
    Aoyue 328 Working Platform with Stepless Screw Clamp PCB Holder
  6. Part No:SI-398
    Ex VAT £24.30 Inc VAT £29.16
    Aoyue 398 Working Platform with Integrated DC Power Supply.
  7. Part No:SI-618
    Ex VAT £69.52 Inc VAT £83.42
    Verstile Working Platform with adjustable PCB rails & fine height adjustment.
  8. Part No:SI-2009883A
    Ex VAT £43.67 Inc VAT £52.40
    Aoyue 2009883A Working Platform Stand for Preheater 883
  9. Part No:SI-486
    Ex VAT £16.98 Inc VAT £20.38
    Aoyue 486 Desktop Fume Extractor Unit for reducing toxic fumes and gases during soldering.
  10. Part No:SI-486-FIL
    Ex VAT £1.66 Inc VAT £1.99
    Smoke Absorber Filter for Aoyue 486 Unit
  11. Part No:SI-939
    Ex VAT £3.83 Inc VAT £4.60

    Aoyue 939 Vacuum Pick Up Pen for picking and placing SMD packages.
    This model has been superseded by part numbers SI-939-PLUS and SI-939-PLUS-BK 

  12. Part No:SI-932
    Ex VAT £28.65 Inc VAT £34.38
    Aoyue 932 Vacuum pick up station, for picking and placing SMD packages.
  13. Part No:SI-TY-98
    Ex VAT £2.76 Inc VAT £3.31
    Aoyue Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
  14. Part No:SI-128
    Ex VAT £29.23 Inc VAT £35.08
    Aoyue 128 Tip Polisher.
  15. Part No:SC-SB-1-5MM
    Ex VAT £4.34 Inc VAT £5.21
    1.5mm Solder Braid - Yellow AA, 1.5M